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On-Site Sale August 21, 2104 at 4pm
675 Briggs Hill Rd.

675 Briggs Hill Rd.
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August 21, 2014 On-Site Sale
August 28, 2014 Master Commissioner's Sale
  CI# Plaintiff Defendant Address Appraisals
1 14-CI-111 KHC Austin, Jamey Earl 964 Leayou Rd. 75,000
2 13-CI-647 Manufacturers /Traders Barnett, Newton A. 2500 Smallhouse Rd. 130,000
3 14-CI-292 Citimortgage, Inc. Dennison, Stephanie L. 263 Countrywood Place 69,900
4 13-CI-1465 U.S. Bank Lockhart, Mandy 380 Delane Flora Rd. Withdrawn
5 14-CI-354 Service One Credit Union McGee, Estate of Rebecca 1126 Richpond Rockfield  103,000
6 11-CI-762 Citimortgage, Inc. Hays, Lisa D. 718 Andrew Way  85,000
7 14-CI-267 Bank of America Hendrick, Amy  1041 Phillips Rd. 170,000
8 14-CI-314 Ben T. Smith Hood. Estate of Subrina 2398 Three Forks Rd.  14,000
9 12-CI-124 Bank of America Huckleberry, Kathy 1652 Johnson Street  45,000
10 13-CI-953 U.S. Bank Jewell, Joseph 3038 Porter Pike  Withdrawn
11 10-CI-952 JPMorgan Chase Noghlabadi, Tony 4729 Mt. Olivet Rd.  95,000
12 14-CI-0281 Nationstar Mortgage Spear, Donald R. 163 Walnut St. 48,000
13  13-CI-1340 U.S. Bank Turner,Karen L. 529 Coastal Ave.  110,000
14 11-CI-515 HSBC Bank Wilson, Brian 2924 Girkin Rd. 78,500
15  13-CI-1782 PNC Bank Fulcher, Barbara 1412 Longview Dr. 65,000
16 13-CI-1622 U.S. Bank Gregory, Heather L. 1820 Riverside Benleo Rd Withdrawn 
17 13-CI-1567 U.S. Bank Leach, Laura E. 559 Hillcrest  Withdrawn
18 12-CI-823 Jerry Hurt Spears, Ray 1996 Oakwood Mobile Home  Withdrawn
19 14-CI-214 FHLM Wheeler, Timothy S. 3132 Smallhouse Rd.  165,000

August 28, 2014 Sale Bill
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