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March 19, 2015 Master Commissioner's Sale
  CI# Plaintiff Defendant Address Appraisals
1 11-CI-773 Wells Fargo Bank Albright, Constance 270 Donald Drive  
2 14-CI-1258 South Central Bank Buchmann, Hattie 1434 Clayton Ct.  
3 13-CI-274 PBI Bank Burton,Jennifer 11800 Barren River Rd.  
4 14-CI-743 Larry's Auto Sale Carr, Phillip R. 610 Cave Mill Rd.  
5 14-CI-213 City of Bowling Green Goodman, George C. 1307 Smallhouse Rd.  
6 12-CI-921 Wells Fargo Bank Hammock, James C. 836 Hays Lodge Rd.   
7 14-CI-267 Bank of America Hendrick, Amy 1041 Phillips Rd.  
8 13-CI-1465 U.S. Bank N.A. Lockhart, Mandy 380 Delane Flora Rd.  
9 14-CI-648 Guaranty Trust Company Moore, William L. 621 Millstone Way  
10 14-CI-927 South Central Bank Plano Rentals, LLC  225 Woodford St.  
11 14-CI-929 South Central Bank Plano Rentals, LLC 1324 Stubbins St.  
12 14-CI-759 JPMorgan Chase Bank Wims, Robert 1565 Collegeview Dr.  
13 13-CI-1611 Hazel Enterprises Abney, Bonnie 1202 Beauty Avenue  
14 14-CI-1020 PBI Bank Landers, Unknown Spouse 317 East 4th St.  
15 12-CI-670 Hazel Enterprises Osborne, J. Stuart 1125 Fairview St.  

March 19, 2015 Sale Bill
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