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November 16, 2017 at 5pm
  CI# Plaintiff  Defendant Address Appraisals
1 16-CI-994 Pacific Union Financial Wolfe, Danielle R. 414 Hilton Way  100,000.00
2 17-CI-908 U.S. Bank, N.A. Aubrey, Jason 841 Edgefield Way  Withdrawn
3 13-CI-575 James C. Woosley Basham, Doris A. 120 Porter Ct.  120,000.00
4 17-CI-466 U.S. Bank, N.A. Basham, Trulie D. 2354 Lake Rd.    45,000.00
5 14-CI-297 JPMorgan Chase Borzotra, Lorrie 169 Kimberly Ave.  109,000.00
6 12-CI-1542 Hazel Enterprises,LLC Franklin, Evelyn D. 476 Cave St.   45,000.00
7 17-CI-885 KY Housing Corp. Franklin, John W. 1424 N. Sunrise Dr.    57,500.00
8 16-CI-1359 Nationstar Mortgage Harris, Retha 230 Springhill Ave.  105,000.00
9 16-CI-1337 Nastionstar Mortgage Hayes, Estate of Ruby J. 1005 Delafield Ave.    45,000.00
10 11-CI-778 Shoreline Tax Services Jackson, Estate of Shirley 576 Rocky Hill Hays Rd.    10,000.00
11 17-CI-382 PNC Bank, N.A. Leach, Charles R. 3140 Hammett Hill Rd.    12,000.00
12 17-CI-704 Wells Fargo Bank Mack, Estae of Jack A. 116 Kendale St.  107,000.00
13 17-CI-196 Ditech Financial Monge, Estate of Carlos 1239 Vine St.    75,000.00
14 11-CI-1320 Tax Ease Lien Richardson,Kelly D. 205 14th Ave. West    22,000.00
15 17-CI-754 Edmonton St. Bank Sh&Fh Properties, LLC 330 East 10th St.   385,000.00
16 16-CI-1014 Tax Ease Lien Estate of Lillie Jenkins 719 E. 5th Ave.   Withdrawn
17 17-CI-284 PNC Bank, N.A. Spears, Jason D. 301 Murphy Rd.    88,000.00
18 16-CI-1181 KY Tax Company, LLC US energy Partners,Inc. 6244 Nashville Rd.  130,000.00
19 17-CI-467 The Bank of NY Watts, Richard 402 Gary Ave.    52,500.00
20 16-CI-351 JPMorgan Chase Wells, Lacy C. 4468 Blue Level Rd.    58,000.00

November 16, 2017 Sale Bill
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