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September 28, 2016 at 5pm
1 15-CI-116 Franklin Bank Barnes, James 1517 Lynnhurst Dr. 52,500.00
2 15-CI-1446 Deutche Bank Trust Bell, Christopher 309 Easton Circle  50,000.00
3 16-CI-625 Nationstar Mortgage Chaffin, Chad 844 Girken Boiling Springs   90,000.00
4 14-CI-751 FNMA Davenport,Jonas G. 730 Hammett Hill Rd.  Withdrawn
5 16-CI-616 Vanderbilt Mortgage Fletcher, Welby 248 Loving Rd.  Withdrawn
6 12-CI-386 U.S. Bank Ford, Harrison 1338 Barren River Rd. Withdrawn
7 15-CI-996 Wells Fargo Bank Harrison, Paul A. 2603 Mohawk Dr. 120,000.00
8 16-CI-436 Wells Fargo Bank Isenberg, Tony 150 Jacklyn Ct. Wthidrawn
9 16-CI-467 Citizens First Lamastus, Stephanie 2860 Austin Raymer Rd. 28,000.00
10 16-CI-679 Kentucky Housing Linzy,Edwina Brooks 1313 Fair St.  65,000.00
11 15-CI-957 Will T. Moss Jr. Patterson, Lula 2456 Blue Level Rd.  
12 15-CI-1273 Ditech Financial Richardson, Sarah P. 269 Bethel Lane  162,500.00
13 15-CI-1404 Deutsche Bank Smith, Midge M. 787 Covington St.  Withdrawn
14 16-CI-404 Kentucky Housing Strain, Gary A. 920 Clarence O'Dell Road  60,000.00
15 14-CI-1195 Wells Fargo Bank Wilcox, Christopher J. 5777 Richpond Rd.  100,000.00
16 15-CI-1004 Deutsche Bank Woosley,Donna 1564 Newton Ave.  70,000.00
17 14-CI-1159A Kyle Coutu Cornell, Mark Lot #6 Glasgow Rd.  10,000.00
18 14-CI-1159B Kyle Coutu Cornell, Mark 2341 Glasgow Rd., Lot #7  155,000.00

September 28, 2016 Sale Bill
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