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July 29, 2015 Master Commissioner's Sale
  CI# Plaintiff Defendant Address Appraisals
1 14-CI-1092 Deustsche Bank York, Tonya P. 248 Jason Dr.  Withdrawn
2 15-CI-121 U.S. BANK Drake, Lila J. 734 Greenlawn Ave.  45,000
3 15-CI-418 Federal National Fernandez, Rafael 1421 Huron Way  Withdrawn
4 14-CI-956 U.S. BANK Fleet, Michael 121 Stagecoach  275,000
5 12-CI-1717 Republic Bank Haley, Tammy S. 346 Massey Rd.  104,000
6 13-CI-996 Everbank Unknown Heirs of Fred E. Denton 1898 Porter Pike  87,500
7 14-CI-288 U.S. BANK Jones, Jared L. 525 Ashmoor Ave.  167,000
8 14-CI-449 Bank of America Kok, Klaus 220 Evergreen Ct.  155,000
9 14-CI-1181 Nationstar Mortgage Labron, Amy 1908 Ellmhurst Way  154,000
10 15-CI-77 Wells Fargo Mansfield, Sondra 1161 Massey Rd.  74,000
11 13-CI-1578 The Bank of NY Miller, Samuel 310 McFadden Ferry  Withdrawn
12 14-CI-414 Deutsche Bank Neal, Bobby 1501 Stubbins St.  34,500
13 15-CI-176 Wells Fargo Osborne, Timothy W. 211 Crabtree Lane  Withdrawn
14 15-CI-451 Kentucky Housing Corp. Phillips, Derek 131 Tyler Dr.  109,000
15 15-CI-137 KY Housing Corp. Windom, Nathan S. 564 Coastal Avenue  110,000
16 12-CI-386 U.S. BANK Ford, Harrison 1338 Barren River Rd.  50,000
17 11-CI-1144 Southern Tax Ser. Cherry, Edna F. 427 Main Ave.  Withdrawn
18 14-CI-1266 Ky Lien Holdings, Summers, J. Stephen 437 Jackson Bridge  Withdrawn

July 29, 2015 Sale Bill
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