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October 29, 2014 Master Commissioner's Sale
  CI# Plaintiff Defendant Address Appraisals
1 14-CI-111 Kentucky Housing Corp. Austin, Jamey 964 Leayou Rd.  75,000
2 14-CI-762 Bettersworth Pro. Baker, Billy W. Lot. 12 of Browning Center  120,000
3 14-CI-872 Fifth Third Mortgage Botts, Ashley N. 214 Max Hampton St.  Withdrawn
4 12-CI-1041 U.S. Bank Colwell, Rita K, 1231 Muirfield Ln.  210,000
5 12-CI-1717 Republic Bank Haley, Tammy S. 346 Massey Rd. 104,000
6 12-CI-921 Wells Fargo Bank Hammock, James C 836 Hays Lodge Rd. 89,900 
7 14-CI-660 Wells Fargo Bank Hood,Janice 8340 Morgantown Rd.  Withdrawn
8 13-CI-953 U.S. Bank Jewell, Joseph 3038 Porter Pike  215,000
9 11-CI-1714 Nationstar Mortgage Lambert, Debra C. 424 Faculty Ct.  90,000
10 13-CI-1465 U.S. Bank Lockhart, Mandy 380 Delane Flora Rd. Withdrawn
11 13-CI-127 Nationstar Mortgage Robinson, Scott L. 158 Pembroke Ct. Withdrawn
12 14-CI-30 Deutsche Bank  Rominger, Mike 2240 Grider Pond Rd.  118,000
13 11-CI-1704 U.S. Bank Roy, Johnny 166 Schwarzkopf  106,500
14 14-CI-773 Vanderbilt Mortg. Shelton,Marie A. 1649 Bethel Lane


15 13-CI-594 Bank of New York Shuffitt, Jason 734 Denali St.                           
16 13-CI-944 PHH Mortgage Strain, Robert 3104 Copperfield Ct. 145,000
17 13-CI-1622 U.S. Bank Gregory, Heather 1820 Riverside Benleo Withdrawn
18 13-CI-1609 Hazel Enterprises, Ray, Gary Dye Ford Rd., 054A-50-004A  15,000
19 12-CI-1492 Hazel Enterprises, Ray, Scott, A. 220 N. Main St.  75,000

October 29, 2014 Sale Bill
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